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Chabad Updates
Passover Holiday is celebrated from Friday March 30th at sunset - Saturday April 7th 7:15 PM
Passover Seder in Kona
We will have a Seder the first two night of Passover in Kona at 7 PM Friday & Saturday March 30-31st
Passover Seder in Hilo
We will have a Seder the first two night of Passover in Hilo at 7 PM Friday & Saturday March 30-31st
Sell your Chametz
During the holiday of passover we may not own any chametz (leaven bread or dishes used with Chametz) we can...
Daily Thought
Firm confidence in G‑d can perform miracles of healing. Nevertheless, you should still follow carefully the instructions of your doctor. Not that it is the doctor or his medicine that heals —it is the Healer of All Flesh who heals. But the doctor and the...
Candle Lighting Times