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Kosher takeout form

  • All meals are prepared fresh for your order. Our meat & Chicken is Glatt kosher Lubavitcher Shechitah, all Dairy is Cholov Yisroel. Our Hechsher is Chabad of the Big Island. 

    No guarantees for orders placed within 72 hours. There is an additional charge of 15% for orders placed within 24 hours.

    For questions or for discounted large orders please email or call 808-999-9161

    To order any raw frozen kosher products in advance of your visit, please email us. For basic raw frozen kosher products, please check toward the bottom of this form.

  • Please note:

    We offer a daily special which can be only one main and/or one side dish at a discounted price. The daily special will need to be the same for all people ordering for the same day/meal. If you are ordering for multiple people, you will all have the same dish. There are no restrictions on the quantity.

    The first order to be placed on a certain day will determine that day's special. 

    Daily specials cannot be ordered for Fridays.

    Please choose below which dishes & sides you would like during your stay, and specify in the "notes" section which day and for which meal (Lunch/Dinner) you would like each dish.

    (If someone already chose another dish for that day's special, we will notify you right after you place your order.)

  • Full Menu - Main dishes

    To order multiple dishes for one meal, prices are as follows:
  • Full menu - Side dishes

    To order multiple sides for one meal, prices are as follows:
  • Sandwiches / Wraps

  • Shabbat Menu

    This section has special prices for Shabbat. Everything on the regular menu may also be ordered for Shabbat.
  • To join us for Shabbat meals, please click here to make your reservation.

  • Regular package includes for two meals: wine, challah, gefilte fish, chummus, 2 salads, desert. Plus for Friday night: candles, matches, chicken, rice, kugel or roasted vegetables. Shabbos day: cold cuts or cholent (we can lend a crockpot for free). B'samim + matches for Havdalah 

  • Deluxe package includes for two meals: wine, challah, gefilte fish, Salmon, 2 dips, 3 salads, desert. Friday night: candles, matches, chicken soup, chicken, rice, potato kugel, & roasted vegetables. Shabbos day: cold cuts or cholent (we can lend a crockpot for free). B'samim + matches for Havdalah 

  • Deserts / Snacks

  • Beverages

  • Frozen products

  • Date and time

  • Pick a Date
  • If you would like your order for multiple days, please write below which items you would like for each day and time.

  • Delivery / Pickup

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  • Credit Card
  • Cancellation Policy:  

    Cancel three days prior to your order delivery - Full refund

    Cancel within 72 hours to your order delivery - 75% refund

    Cancel within 48 hours to your order delivery – No refund

    To cancel please email

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