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  • All meals are prepared fresh for your order. Our meat & Chicken is Glatt kosher, all Dairy is Cholov Yisroel. Our Hechsher is Chabad of the Big Island. 

    Please place your order as early as possible but at least 36 hours in advance. Friday orders should be in by Wednesday 8am. We will do our best to accommodate last minute orders. Orders within 36 hours may have an additional 20% rush fee.

    For questions please email [email protected] or call 808-999-9161

    To order any raw frozen kosher products in advance of your visit, please email us. For basic raw frozen kosher products, please check toward the bottom of this form.

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    One dish per day
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    One dish per day
  • Desert

  • Shabbat Menu

  • Package includes for two meals: wine, challah, fish, chummus, salad, Desert. Plus for Friday night: candles, matches, main dish & a side. Shabbos day: cold cuts. B'samim + matches for Havdalah 

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  • If you would like your order for multiple days, please write below which items you would like for each day. Or you can place one order per day

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  • Cancellation Policy:  

    Cancel three days prior to your order delivery - Full refund

    Cancel within 72 hours to your order delivery - 75% refund

    Cancel within 24 hours to your order delivery – No refund

    To cancel please email [email protected]

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