Chabad offers an at cost service for delivery of frozen kosher products to the Big Island of Hawaii.

Our next shipment of kosher food from to the Big Island is going out on Friday 1/20/23. Please place your order as soon as possible, but no later than Wednesday, 1/18/23 to give them time to get your order ready. The order should arrive on the Big Island Bez"h by Sunday 1/29/23.  

If you would like freshly made kosher takeout meals please click here

If you missed an order but would still like to have frozen kosher products, please check out the menu above under frozen products.

To place your order: 

1) Please visit 

2) Enjoy shopping with pictures, prices and search features! Add items to your cart.

3) After adding the first item to your cart, login or create an account.

4) Select 'pickup locations' (do not choose 'delivery'). Click on the line to select a pickup address and choose 'Hawaii Big Island 75-353 Nani Kailua Dr. Kailua Kona, HI 96740' from the dropdown menu. You should not be manually typing in a delivery address.

5) The order ships frozen to Hawaii, so please don't add anything that cannot freeze - No Glass

6) Fill up your cart and checkout. 

7) Minimum order amount is $75.00. Please contact us if you would like to make a smaller order, we can add it on to ours.

8) Western Kosher does not handle or charge for delivery. Hence they will write at checkout that it will be picked up on Friday 1/20 when they pack it up. We hire a third party to pick it up and deliver it to the port, from where it sails out to Hawaii.

9) The cost for delivery from Los Angeles to Chabad of the Big Island is $1.00 per LB. Delivery fees are calculated and due upon pickup.

10) Orders will need to be picked up from Chabad of the Big Island in Kailua Kona.

11) All questions about your order should be directed to Western Kosher 323-933-8283. For questions regarding delivery and fees, please contact Chabad at 808-999-9161 or [email protected]

12) Please let us know after you placed your order so we may plan accordingly. We will notify you when the order is ready for pickup. 

Orders are delivered once every month or two to Chabad of the Big Island of Hawaii. Please contact us to find out the next delivery date. 

This service is offered by Chabad at cost price as a free service to the community. Hence we do not take any responsibility regarding your order or the delivery.