Frequently Asked Questions - Visitors


Q: Where are you located?
A: 75-353 Nani Kailua Drive, Kailua Kona, HI 96740.


Q: Is there an Eiruv on the Big island or at my Hotel?
A: None that we are aware of. 


Q: Does Chabad host Shabbat and Chag meals for us to join?
A: Yes! Chabad hosts weekly Shabbat meals for Friday night dinner and Shabbat day lunch. Please click here to reserve in advance.
We also host meals for all the Chagim, please
contact us to reserve for a Chag, or check our website a few weeks before the Chag.


Q: Can Chabad host us for sleeping on Shabbat or the duration of our stay?
A: For Shabbat accommodations, please reach out to us and we are happy to host if that week is available. There is no fee involved, however, donations are greatly appreciated & helpful with continuing our work here. 
We currently don't have accommodations for during the week.


Q: Is there a place we can stay within walking distance to Chabad?
A: Yes! There are multiple hotels and Airbnb's within walking distance to Chabad. Click here to see the list.


Q: Does Chabad offer Kosher takeout food?
A: Yes! Chabad offers Kosher takeout, orders shall ideally be placed at least 36 hours in advance. Click here for the menu


Q: How large are your takeout portions?
A: All portion sizes are on the takeout website, which in general is enough for one person.


Q: Do you offer gluten-free, vegetarian, or other allergy free meals?
A: Yes! please reach out to us with your request.


Q: Where can we buy Challah or Kosher Wine / grape juice?
A: Click here for the only Kosher Challah on island, and here for a selection of wines and grape juice.

Q: What Kosher food can we buy locally?
A: Local stores have some basic kosher products. Chabad has a takeout menu plus a kosher store online where you can buy raw meats, chicken, Cholov/Pas Yisroel.


Q: Where can we buy Fish?
A: Costco has fresh and frozen salmon, Kona Seafood Market and other stores have other kosher fish. Halachickly one has to observe scales (skin on) to verify that a fish is kosher. One cannot rely on the name, packaging, or what the seller says, because many fish are mislabeled intentionally or unintentionally. Scales are only kosher if they come off easily when scraping against them. If it tears the skin to get the scales off, they are not Halachickly scales. 
Only salmon doesn't require skin on because no non-kosher fish looks like salmon.
For all fish ideally whole is better, but if it's cut one can rinse it. 


Q: Do you get a Minyan?
A: We have Davening together Friday night, Shabbat morning, and on all the Chagim, & we get a Minyan most of the time. During Yeshiva break we will usually get a daily Minyan, & sometimes in the Waikoloa Area too. If you are interested in Minyan, please reach out with your dates and how many you have for Minyan.

Q: Can you Kasher the Kitchen of our rental?
A: Yes, please contact us with the information. The fee ranges from $500-1,000 depending on the complexity.


Q: How can I donate my Hawaiian Miles?
A: Email us at [email protected] and we can guide you through the simple and free process