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  • Menorah Building workshopCome build your very own Menorah to light on the Holiday of Chanukah!!

    Each child will learn to build and craft their own Menorah in a real, fully equipped workshop,

    Refreshments / Music / free Worker's Apron
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  • Death & MourningOur tradition encompasses all of life, day and night, light and dark. Even in the most difficult of situations--the imminent and then actual loss of a loved one--our Torah is there to strengthen us, to guide us, and to help us grow and see beyond our loss. Read More
  • Response to Pittsburgh ShootingOur hearts are shattered by the heinous and horrific attack on our brothers and sisters in Pittsburgh. What is the remedy to such senseless hatred?! What can we possibly do to eradicate it?? Read more
  • Shabbat DinnerJoin us for a wonderful experience as we celebrate Shabbat through a program that will give you insight into the traditions and customs that have enriched our lives for thousands of years. Read More
  • One-on-One LearningSet up a personal study session with the Rabbi on the topic of your choice. Contact us
  • Tourist InfoNeed a place to eat on Shabbat? Where to find Kosher food? Where to stay? Looking for a place to pray? We can help you with all your Jewish needs. Read More
  • DonateBecome a partner in our work and help us help others. Your gift allows us to share the beauty and depth of Judaism with the next generation. Donate
  • About UsYou'll feel at home and learn something about your Jewish self with every visit. Read More
  • Why No Talking After Washing?To understand why, we first need to examine why we wash our hands in the
    first place.
    Read More
  • Learning to Just Say No!It’s so hard to know when we’re being taken advantage of, exploited, or even worse, abused. Finding... Read More
  • What Is an Upshernish?On the third Jewish birthday of a Jewish boy, friends and community members are invited to a... Read More
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Come build your very own Menorah to light on the Holiday of Chanukah!!

Refreshments / Music / Free Worker's...
Chanukah - the festival of lights
Sunday December 2nd - Monday December 10th
Daily Thought
If you see something that is broken, fix it. If you cannot fix all of it, fix some of it. But do not say there is nothing you can do. Because, if that were true, why would this broken...
Candle Lighting Times