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Some Rabbinical authorities hold that you must keep 2 days of Shabbos in Hawaii (Thursday night - Saturday night) as the exact location of the Halachic international dateline is a matter of debate. Be sure to discuss this with your local orthodox Rabbi before traveling to Hawaii. If you will keep 2 days remember to discuss all potential ramifications regarding candle-lighting, warming up food, etc.

The local communities on each Island keep Shabbos from Friday night to Saturday night. 

There is no daily Minyan on the Big Island, we only have once in a while when we have a busy tourist season, for a Yartzeit or Shiva L"A.

On Shabbat we have Davening together every Friday night and Shabbat morning but we don't always get a Minyan, please let us know when you plan on coming.

You can join communal meals on Holidays, Friday night and Shabbat day. Reservations should be made beforehand.