Catering in Hawaii

There are currently no kosher restaurants in all of Hawaii 

Chabad of the Big Island offers freshly made Kosher meals throughout the year. Please click here to place your order.

For Shabbat meals you can join us at Chabad. Reservations should be made beforehand. Please click here to reserve Shabbat meals.

If you would like to order raw frozen kosher products, please click here. 

Bringing kosher food

You can make your own meals and bring them frozen or, in some areas on the mainland, you can buy ready made double sealed travel meals. Food that is in a deep-freeze will remain frozen upon arrival in Hawaii.

Call your hotel beforehand to arrange for an extra fridge if needed and to place extra food in their freezers.

Hotels can heat up double-wrapped food for varying fees. You bring along your own burner or buy a cheap toaster oven or grill on the island to do it yourself. Costco carries sternos to help cook and warm your food.

Buying kosher food

The local stores like Costco, Walmart, Target, Safeway, Island Natural, Sack N Save, and KTA have basic Kosher foods like pasta, rice, quinoa, salmon, wine, grape juice, frozen dough, corn chips, cereal, canned food, Chummus, Ezekiel bread, non-dairy milk, non-Bishul Yisroel tuna and non-Pas Yisroel wraps. There is no Cholov Yisrael, Pas Yisrael, chicken or meat sold in the stores.

Safeway has a small Kosher section. Kona wine market, located near Costco, carries a selection of kosher wines.